Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique – Legit or Scam?

I came across a critical review of Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique on a Scam Reporting website –, titled ‘Work for less, pay way more Absolutely furious over it, to be bl’.

DirtyScam allows anonymous submission of complaints from angry consumers and victims of scams. Since the website is hosted offshore (probably in Russia or India), we take this (negative) review against Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique with a pinch of salt.

Here is what the review says –


I had seen this Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique shop near me. So I saved up to go and get a new prescription and lenses. I don’t have insurance. Asked beforehand if they would replace the lenses only in my frames, they said of course.It turned out of course not.And worse. So I finally got in to see them. The doctor seemed good. The prescription I am sure will be good when I can get it filled. Somewhere else.This is what really caught my attention. While taking the exam, it seemed I had no problems. But then when she started talking to me,she said that the tests indicated I had problems with peripheral vision. And she said that this happens a lot, and people have to come back 2 or 3 times sometimes to take the test. She wanted me to come back (which was going to be the same or more fee I found out again – and a third time too? Really???) On the other hand, she said,I “might have a brain tumor but I shouldn’t lose any sleep over it.”A QUOTE.I had a major cancer 25 years ago. She knew my history, it was no secret. She also said, “you might need to contact your oncologist.”Excuse me? An oncologist from 25 years ago who may not be here anymore? What was she talking about????You never, ever tell someone that – unless you have no idea of what you are saying or have to get someone to spend more… scaring the wits out of them. Without running tests first. Or being just plain vicious. Or trying to manipulate them out of more $$$.I called another eye doctor. They were very suspicious of the “this happens a lot” routine – as was I. They didn’t believe it, like I had not. I had asked the doctor here why didn’t she check the equipment to see if something was wrong – on the phone, later,when I actually chewed her out for the “you might have cancer routine but don’t lose any sleep over it.” She said she didn’t need to.The other eye doctor(s, actually) said it was not normal to have a number of people failing that exam, 2-3 times, and that you would send them not to an oncologist (for cancer),but to be tested by I think they said the specialty was a neurologist. And they named and described other conditions that should be tested for, first. She also said in this interview that she really loved a vet near her store – known for upcharging and saying you need this and that when you did not, when a dog or cat was dying.Well known for it. (Did it to me, too). That did not bode well. Seemed to be her modus operandi….Rustling.We walked out of her office and at this point my antenna had gone up, like never before. I watched and heard her say to the guy selling frames to make sure I got a new frame. Really!?!?! I was right behind her when she did it.She turned around and had my frames, and said, wiggly them back and forth, “you need some new frames.” I didn’t tell her until I was on the phone with her that “those frames were only 10 months old, they were the second set because I had accidentally broken the first.”Unbelievable.He went over and started scooping up these narrow, beady-eyed rectangular metal frames. A bunch of them.To begin with, I get large welts on my face from metal (and anywhere I wear it, if not 14 carat gold). I am an architect and have to look at large computer screens for many hours, and the idea of having those narrow, beady-eyed ugly 1960’s glasses? Gross. Not even usable.So I said calmly, “I am allergic to metal.” He dropped them, started picking up more of the ugly narrow slit-eyed rectangular frames, and I said, “I have a big square face and need large, round glasses.” He could only pick up one – but they were a stark black and they were not big enough.Hit my cheekbones in the wrong place, and the black frames cut off my peripheral – yes, I said it – peripheral vision. I said to hold them, to keep from a confrontation right then. They set up another appointment.But I started checking around. And I felt like I was a mark at this point. Again.They hear “architect” here, see that I am white, a woman, and I am the mark. Always without fail. Just sick of it.I stopped it.Had enough of the being made the mark. Work for less, pay way more. Absolutely furious over it, to be blunt.I do not want to hear back. People need to know what happened.


In case you don’t already know (assuming you came to this page by Googling ‘Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique scam‘, or ‘Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique review‘, Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique is listed under the category Business on

Here is the rest of the contact information for the sole purpose of identification –

  • Address: Sacramento Street San Francisco CA 94118
  • Phone: (415) 673-2020
  • Website:
  • Severity of Scam: High [not sure what it means]
  • Reported Loss: 250 $ [unsubstantiated]
  • Reported by: Anonymous [obviously]

The entity Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique was awarded 1 / 5 Stars  based on 1 Reviews.

It is difficult to ascertain whether Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique is a Scam, or Legit, based on this single review. In the coming weeks/days, I will try to research deeper into Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique, analyze and list more critical reviews and identify a pattern (or lack of) to substantiate the claim mentioned above.

Regardless, until then, we give the benefit of doubt to the reviewer and list Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique as someone you need to avoid (for now).

If you have any grievances, complaints, or anonymous tips against Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique, please contact us immediately. If you have lost money to  Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique, together we can work to recover your loss.

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