Build Team – Legit or Scam?

I came across a critical review of Build Team on a Scam Reporting website –, titled ‘Build Team – A shady company with fraud staffs’.

DirtyScam allows anonymous submission of complaints from angry consumers and victims of scams. Since the website is hosted offshore (probably in Russia or India), we take this (negative) review against Build Team with a pinch of salt.

Here is what the review says –


I contacted Build Team and they assured of their great service. Running out of time, we did not do much research and believes in everything they said. We did check their website. But, why would anyone write anything bad about their own company? So, we were impressed looking at the reviews and the services they had listed on their website. The website was also quite impressive.The guy who was in talks with us was easy going and we accepted the deal and even paid most of the amount. However, as time passed, things got different. The company started changing staffs as well as the point of contact for many different reasons.The things schedules were always delayed. I had to change my office appointments because of their delays. I was in no much problem that I asked them for a solution. And, their customer service sucked my brains. These guys are very unprofessional. And, most of the staffs they have hired are non-English Speakers. It took like ages to make them understand what I wanted.Whatever promises they made was fake. Also, whatever they have written on their website was only to lure customers into buying their services for no good reason. When everything was already making us freak out, they started charging for unnecessary requirements. They also changed the invoices and added extra costs. In short, those were the hidden costs they never discussed before.When I asked for a refund, I could sense the anger in their voices. This company does not care for its customers. These are not the only problems we faced. The work was even very lame. They made error at every occasion and stages of the project. We had to intervene many times.These guys do not shy about lying. The project management team was never inclined towards a successful finish. In reality, they did not have a common team. In just three months, they changed almost every staff. We never talked to the same person twice. Maybe, the employees are not happy with the company as well.Those with some ethics left would never be able to stick to the company. The guys are dishonest. They keep lying about everything. I am sure there may be other victims as well. I researched later and found many shocking truths about the company management. People also claimed that the company harasses those who write negative reviews.And, tries to shut their mouth at any cost. All these were something we should have known before. I have many proofs about the company misdoing. And, want others who have been scammed to join the discussion for making a strong case against this company.I would not rest until I get my money back. We had to even consult the therapist from recovering from the trauma they lead us through. Not to mention, they are the most unethical company I have dealt with in ages. And, I wish they are treated the same way.


In case you don’t already know (assuming you came to this page by Googling ‘Build Team scam‘, or ‘Build Team review‘, Build Team is listed under the category Business on

Here is the rest of the contact information for the sole purpose of identification –

  • Address:
  • Phone: 12074956561
  • Website:
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High [not sure what it means]
  • Reported Loss: 5000 $ [unsubstantiated]
  • Reported by: Anonymous [obviously]

The entity Build Team was awarded 1 / 5 Stars  based on 1 Reviews.

It is difficult to ascertain whether Build Team is a Scam, or Legit, based on this single review. In the coming weeks/days, I will try to research deeper into Build Team, analyze and list more critical reviews and identify a pattern (or lack of) to substantiate the claim mentioned above.

Regardless, until then, we give the benefit of doubt to the reviewer and list Build Team as someone you need to avoid (for now).

If you have any grievances, complaints, or anonymous tips against Build Team, please contact us immediately. If you have lost money to  Build Team, together we can work to recover your loss.

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