Dr. Hong Kenneth – Legit or Scam?

I came across a critical review of Dr. Hong Kenneth on a Scam Reporting website – DirtyScam.com, titled ‘Shabby Doctor’.

DirtyScam allows anonymous submission of complaints from angry consumers and victims of scams. Since the website is hosted offshore (probably in Russia or India), we take this (negative) review against Dr. Hong Kenneth with a pinch of salt.

Here is what the review says –


I honestly wish I could give this place NEGATIVE stars. I used to go to “Doctor” Hong Kenneth as a child as well, and looking back on it, I honestly cannot believe my parents allowed me to receive care from such a shabby doctor.First of all, the office itself is falling apart and the walls and posters are yellowing and peeling. It all just gave off a very old, outdated vibe – red flag number one. The staff are fine and treat you how they would normally treat any other patient – nothing outstanding there.But once I called to make an appointment to get my throat checked out because it hurt to swallow food and after this experience I will never be returning to see Dr. Hong ever again. EVER.After waiting for about 15 minutes I got called back to see him, told him I was having a sore throat, and he proceeds to grab this DUSTY box off the top shelf of his drawers.Like everything else in his office, the box was old and falling apart. Inside the box was what I guess was some sort of diagnostic kit for throat infections? On the side, I noticed there was an expiration date that was YEARS past due. DISGUSTING.I pointed it out to him and he dismissed my concern saying that “the kit is still fine it’s okay.” How reassuring. I must have been desperate because I allowed him to swab expired medical fluid around in my mouth (gross).Nothing came of the test (what a surprise! I totally thought expired kits would still work!) and he ended up just prescribing me antibiotics.If you are considering Dr. Hong – don’t. You can’t get any worse than Dr. Hong. Sketchy office with outdated medical supplies… Just don’t do that to yourself.Any other doctor out there is lightyears better than “Doctor” Hong. Thank god I’m an adult with my own health insurance now, I plan on NEVER stepping foot inside that office ever again.


In case you don’t already know (assuming you came to this page by Googling ‘Dr. Hong Kenneth scam‘, or ‘Dr. Hong Kenneth review‘, Dr. Hong Kenneth is listed under the category Person on DirtyScam.com.

Here is the rest of the contact information for the sole purpose of identification –

  • Address: South Weller Street Seattle WA 98104
  • Phone: (206) 621-9919
  • Website:
  • Severity of Scam: High [not sure what it means]
  • Reported Loss: 4366 $ [unsubstantiated]
  • Reported by: Anonymous [obviously]

The entity Dr. Hong Kenneth was awarded 1 / 5 Stars  based on 1 Reviews.

It is difficult to ascertain whether Dr. Hong Kenneth is a Scam, or Legit, based on this single review. In the coming weeks/days, I will try to research deeper into Dr. Hong Kenneth, analyze and list more critical reviews and identify a pattern (or lack of) to substantiate the claim mentioned above.

Regardless, until then, we give the benefit of doubt to the reviewer and list Dr. Hong Kenneth as someone you need to avoid (for now).

If you have any grievances, complaints, or anonymous tips against Dr. Hong Kenneth, please contact us immediately. If you have lost money to  Dr. Hong Kenneth, together we can work to recover your loss.

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