– Legit or Scam?

I came across a critical review of on a Scam Reporting website –, titled ‘swisscapitalcrypto – dirty scam’.

DirtyScam allows anonymous submission of complaints from angry consumers and victims of scams. Since the website is hosted offshore (probably in Russia or India), we take this (negative) review against with a pinch of salt.

Here is what the review says –


***************************************************************** AVOID – THEY ARE ILLEGAL – UNREGULATED – TOTAL SCAM ******************************************************************To end this story quick, check it for yourself 😕 A professional scamer is kind and is getting your money because he sounds like a pro and he is acting like a pro and will ‘help’ you like a pro till the moment he gets control over your mind or money.? Their job is to scam you and for each scam they are rewarded with YOUR MONEY? the company SwissCapitalCrypto isn’t anywhere registered ? and does not exist – it’s just a private website . They will try to convince you that they work with some existing & registered company. Ask the registered company if they know something about SwissCapitalCrypto, and for some money they will say ‘YES’. If they are serious they will call the police.? they are allready investigated by the swiss police & FBI? they have in no way any licence and are in no way regulated by anyone? anybody can produce and send you fake documents? in any circumstances don’t allow them access to your computer it’s like giving a key to a robber. They will steal your bitcoin wallet data? all ‘advisors’ have fake names and identities? you can’t call back them? phone, skype, email ‘impetus for investing’ IS ILLEGAL? you can’t withdraw your money (try it) IF ONLY SOMEONE CAN WITHDRAW – IT’S A PONZI !? it’s a DELAYED SCAM – they will, maybe, allow you to withdraw some amounts of money as a proof, but are actually waiting for bigger amounts from you and than it’s over for you – this game can last even a year? sending them small amounts of money makes you only a smaller fool, sending them bigger amounts makes you really a BIG FOOL? all positive reviews are written by themselfs? they are connected with the scam This are actually the same people and use the same scam pattern check here : if they want your money they have to provide guarantee first Just ask yourself: “What guarantees do you have and by WHOM (??) if you send your money to a stranger on a phone with a PRIVATE website.So, WHEN you ‘invest’ money or BTC with them THEN YOU SEND THE AMOUNT TO SOME ILEGALL PRIVATE ACCOUNT NOT JURIDICAL.AFTERWARDS you ‘own’ just a number on the website ? ? BUT YOUR MONEY IS LOST !!IF YOU STILL DON’T BELIVE because they are kind and offer you help – go again trough the checklist and ask youself:WOULD I GIVE MONEY TO A TOTAL STRANGER WHO JUST KNOCKS ON MY DOOR WITH SOME NICE PROMISES AND WITHOUT ANY SERIOUS PROOF OF IDENTITY AND REGULATION ?CLEAR ANSWER IS – NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!THEREFORE, CHECK FIRST !VERY USEFULL LINKS : Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA Hotline: 1 – 800 – 483 – 9816 Investor Complaint Center are some helpful links to check data by yourself : USA company : UK company : EU company : Broker (person / company) : Report a scam (helpline) :


In case you don’t already know (assuming you came to this page by Googling ‘ scam‘, or ‘ review‘, is listed under the category Business on

Here is the rest of the contact information for the sole purpose of identification –

  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High [not sure what it means]
  • Reported Loss: 0 $ [unsubstantiated]
  • Reported by: Anonymous [obviously]

The entity was awarded 1 / 5 Stars  based on 1 Reviews.

It is difficult to ascertain whether is a Scam, or Legit, based on this single review. In the coming weeks/days, I will try to research deeper into, analyze and list more critical reviews and identify a pattern (or lack of) to substantiate the claim mentioned above.

Regardless, until then, we give the benefit of doubt to the reviewer and list as someone you need to avoid (for now).

If you have any grievances, complaints, or anonymous tips against, please contact us immediately. If you have lost money to, together we can work to recover your loss.

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